Recovery - Tiger Iron
Recovery - Tiger Iron
Recovery - Tiger Iron
Recovery - Tiger Iron
Recovery - Tiger Iron
Recovery - Tiger Iron

Recovery - Tiger Iron

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Harness the power of Tiger Iron to promote self-healing, encourage personal power, and sustain mental clarity. Tiger Iron replenishes strength and stamina to the physical body and provides protection for those who are disengaged from the physical plane due to exhaustion or overexertion.

The design represents the constant flow of energy throughout the body and acts as a visual cue to trigger a mental connection with the crystals and the energy flow. 

Orli Bands are one size fits 95% of people! 

Our bands fit wrist sizes from 4.5 inches in circumference on the smallest size to 7.5 inches in circumference on the largest size. 

Our crystals are all natural which means each and every crystal is unique. The crystals in your bands may appear slightly different than those in the photos.

Customer Reviews

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tracy camp

Band is too short!!!!!!

Karen Coppage

Recovery - Tiger Iron

Carolyn Jones
Interesting and excellent

I put it on immediately and had a notable difference.I figured out that it doesn’t need to be war continuously.. it works quickly, goes straight to the source and in a since realigns the system. It is definitely an excellent tool to have when ever the anxiety or distress picks up. I am exceedingly glad that I ordered them and thank you Mathew for working with me. My son used his in the same way. Oh and the design is not over powering so as not to affect dressing up or down.

Carlina Acosta
Very pleased

Overall was great thank you

Wow, Beautiful!

Okay I've seen many of these types of bands but none come close to looking as beautiful or being as comfortable as these. Even better in person and my girlfriends all loved it. so I bought some for all of us! Can't wait for new colors too :)

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How Do Orli Bands Work?

Orli Bands rely on the same Medicinal principles as Acupressure. By stimulating the Pericardium pressure point with the natural crystals, the energy flows more freely throughout the body. This allows you to take advantage of the full-body benefits of our crystals to relieve muscle tension, promote blood circulation and activate the body's self-healing and regulatory systems.

Is it Easy to Put On?

Yes! In three easy steps you can have the band comfortably on your wrist and transferring energy throughout your body.

Place the band on top of the the wrist aligning the center crystal face down with the top of the wrist. Using your other hand, find the appropriate size setting and clasp the band on the underside of the wrist. Leave a little bit of room so you can tuck the remaining material into the loop so it is securely tucked into the band.

A Beautiful Experience

Unmatched quality starting the moment you unbox your Orli Band.