The Fully Balanced Kit
The Fully Balanced Kit
The Fully Balanced Kit
The Fully Balanced Kit
The Fully Balanced Kit
The Fully Balanced Kit

The Fully Balanced Kit

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This Kit contains all three of our Orli Bands:

Performance - Carnelian

  • Get your inner fire burning hot and bright with the strength of Carnelian. Naturally increase energy, strength, and vitality to maximize physical and mental performance. Balance your life by removing energy blockages and boosting immunity to sustain long periods of physical exertion.

Recovery - Tiger Iron

  • Harness the power of Tiger Iron to promote self-healing, encourage personal power, and sustain mental clarity. Tiger Iron replenishes strength and stamina to the physical body and provides protection for those who are disengaged from the physical plane due to exhaustion or overexertion.

Calm - Snowflake Obsidian

  • Capture the purity of Snowflake Obsidian to provide balance for the mind, body, and spirit. Encouraging and aiding to recognize and release "harmful thinking" and stressful mental patterns. Have a partner in promoting mental health and inner centering. Empowering you to be comfortable and aiding in meditation.

Orli Bands are one size fits 95% of people! 

Our bands fit wrist sizes from 4.5 inches in circumference on the smallest size to 7.5 inches in circumference on the largest size. 

Our crystals are all natural which means each and every crystal is unique. The crystals in your bands may appear slightly different than those in the photos.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Emily Paxton

So far I haven’t noticed anything. But since there isn’t much direction as to when to wear which I’m not sure if I’ve been wearing the right one for me. Yes I found information as to what the stones are supposed to do but being new to the crystal thing I wish there was more info.

Boxes should be labeled

The bands come in identical boxes with no labeling or description of which band is within. Additionally, no information is enclosed of the spiritual meaning each stone possesses. Really disappointed in the presentation. Would have been helpful to have a description of the stones for each band. Plus how to maintain and care for each band. Basically, nothing but a box and band. There is nothing spirtual about this product at all. For the price, I was expecting more. Plus, what happens if a band breaks?

Tracy Knapik
Amazing Customer Support

There was an issue with my order. I contacted customer support and they promptly attended to the issue and resolved it. It is hard to find customer service like that these days. I would recommend doing business to anyone solely based on this alone.

The product itself is very durable and very fashionable. So far I feel they are performing as advertised.

Carolyn Jones

I guess you could say acclimating is the best description for me… I try and then research so what I have done is experimental in wearing the bracelets at different times. I am also still trying to figure out which one does what but that being said I have noticed that the tiger eye helps consistently day and night … I actually had the snow flake when I am feeling more angst … the dark brown stone I have to use more cautiously as that one is only required at certain intervals. It’s now a strange time though as my body is going through changes so the consistency of the three are used in accordance with what is actually going on in my body.
This is the reason for the word acclimation as my body is trying to match where the bracelet is trying to set. When I have refined more closely I will relay the message as well but for now my body and my life is a mishmash … hope this helps.

Jeniffer Richardson
orli for everyday

i've worn my orli's everyday since my purchase. when i wake in the morning i put on the performance band to start my day. before work i put on the tiger iron for clarity and energy throughout my busy workday. i have noticed over the last couple days that looking back i definitely move through my day with less mental and physical exhaustion than i normally do. i love the colored bands to help me remember which one i'm wearing :)

Bundle and Save

The Orli Kit

Purchase all three Orli Bands and get 25% off!

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How Do Orli Bands Work?

Orli Bands rely on the same Medicinal principles as Acupressure. By stimulating the Pericardium pressure point with the natural crystals, the energy flows more freely throughout the body. This allows you to take advantage of the full-body benefits of our crystals to relieve muscle tension, promote blood circulation and activate the body's self-healing and regulatory systems.

Is it Easy to Put On?

Yes! In three easy steps you can have the band comfortably on your wrist and transferring energy throughout your body.

Place the band on top of the the wrist aligning the center crystal face down with the top of the wrist. Using your other hand, find the appropriate size setting and clasp the band on the underside of the wrist. Leave a little bit of room so you can tuck the remaining material into the loop so it is securely tucked into the band.

A Beautiful Experience

Unmatched quality starting the moment you unbox your Orli Band.