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Performance - Carnelian
Performance - Carnelian
Performance - Carnelian
Performance - Carnelian
Performance - Carnelian
Performance - Carnelian

Performance - Carnelian

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Get your inner fire burning hot and bright with the strength of Carnelian. Naturally increase energy, strength, and vitality to maximize physical and mental performance. Balance your life by removing energy blockages and boosting immunity to sustain long periods of physical exertion.

The design represents the constant flow of energy throughout the body and acts as a visual cue to trigger a mental connection with the crystals and the energy flow. 

Orli Bands are one size fits 95% of people! 

Our bands fit wrist sizes from 4.5 inches in circumference on the smallest size to 7.5 inches in circumference on the largest size. 

Our crystals are all natural which means each and every crystal is unique. The crystals in your bands may appear slightly different than those in the photos.

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
tracy camp
Strap too short

Strap too short

Larry Bennich

Need bigger sizes

love the product

I love the product however my band will not stay fastened

Barbara Stranak

It would be nice to have a choice of lengths. My wrist is not large but I ended up having to wear it on the 2nd hole which does not leave much to tuck in.

Richard Chmielewski
Not What I Expected

Great company with helpful customer service. Unfortunately, the product did not meet my expectations for the price paid. I did not feel any positive effects on my body or overall well-being even after 8 days of continuous use. Maybe I'm just overstressed?? Should I try one on each wrist? The band and crystal look nice. But I feel that, in time and with normal use, the band will rip. Primarily in the are where you tuck the excess band into. Hopefully Orli will continue to evaluate their product, incorporate customer feedback, and provide an updated product that will stand the rest on time.